Operational Finance

As experienced operators, we go beyond the data and listen to the story the numbers tell us about your operations. The insights we gain become a tool for decision making and let us evaluate enhancements to the system that can improve efficiency or reduce inconsistencies.


We take the startup fundraising journey with you, from getting you and your startup investment-ready to getting investments in your funding round from the right investors. We work with you to produce world-class investment materials - pitch decks, financial models, and valuation analysis - so that you can secure funding for your startup.


Humber Park helps growing companies develop their go-to-market strategies and capitalize on market opportunities. We analyze the company's strengths, the market, their competitors and clients to best position the company in their industry and bridge the gap between where a company is and where they want to go.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We don't just help business owners prepare for M&A, but also help them implement their vision when the deal closes. Whether your company has already decided to sell or you're still thinking about it, we'll help you every step of the way without delay.

As entrepreneurs, we know what it is like to build and sell a business. We understand the challenges that businesses face during ownership transition including strategic pricing, management transition, and technology transition. Our mission is to help your business get acquired or transition successfully.